Privacy policy

AST does not send regular mailings, does not solicit funds either by post or electronically, and does not maintain any mailing list.

Donors support the work of AST at their own discretion through standing orders, cheques and charity vouchers, website paypal donations. In some cases we may contact the donor to invite them to gift aid.

The following personal data of donors is stored electronically by the Treasurer:

  • Full name as submitted
  • Home address including postcode
  • Email address
  • Church or organisation link
  • Gift aid status
  • Gift aid declaration (hard copy only)
  • For each donation: date received, amount, source (e.g. paypal), gift aid status, project allocation
  • ‘No contact’ status

Data is collected, stored and/or updated as appropriate on receipt of donations. Data is processed to acknowledge donations, produce internal accounts, claim tax refunds on gift-aided donations, produce published accounts. Data is stored indefinitely, to be available for queries and investigations that might arise from time to time.

We respect the privacy of any using our website. The AST Treasurer accesses Paypal periodically to download online donations. We do not use website information for any other processing, e.g. statistical or investigative, and would never disclose any such information to a third party. The website has an SSL certificate.

All data storage and processing is carried out in the legitimate interests of AST in fulfilling its statutory obligations as a UK registered charity, and in supporting donors by providing information or following up queries as appropriate.

Data is treated in the strictest confidence. AST trustees are privy to personal data on a ‘need to know’ basis. Otherwise no personal data is shared with any third party or identifiable in our published accounts.

We treat each donor as having ‘soft opted-in’, by virtue of their voluntary donation. ‘Soft opt-in’ status enables us to contact donors should the need arise, with the exceptions of ‘No contact’ donors whom we could only contact where it was legal to do so because of some overriding legitimate interest.

We review our processes, and this Privacy Notice, from time to time and update as necessary.

April 2018